Riverton TAB

355 High Road, Riverton WA
  • Location: Riverton
  • Ownership: 50%
  • Income Ratio: POA*
  • Annual Commission: $274,198

The Riverton TAB is strategically located on High Road, a busy thoroughfare in SOR.  The Agency nestles in a vibrant and busy commercial area in Riverton and counts a flagship Coles supermarkets, Stockland Shopping Centre and Riverton Sports Bar as neighbours.  There is ample free-parking for customers of which a high proportion are regulars.  The agency is well-maintained and clean, and credits its delivery of good services over the years for its strong customer support.

Business Model
On offer is 50% share of the business.  The Agency is run on a week-on week-off basis by its two business partners.  So, effectively an agent only works 26 weeks in a year.  This gives the agents ample free time to spend on other pursuits.  The business also comes with other benefits as below:

  • No franchise fees.
  • No property rents.
  • No advertising & marketing fees.
  • Inventory or equipment maintenance are provided by Racing & Wagering Western Australia (RWWA)
  • Any future technology upgrade or premise renovation shall also be the responsibilities of RWWA.
  • Adequate training shall be provided by RWWA for new agents.
  • All customer transactions are strictly on cash term and Agents’ commissions are paid weekly.
  • The business offers a long-term assignable Retail Agency Agreement.

Agency Setup
The agency is equipped with the latest Racewall technology which has essentially eradicated the need for manual updating of real-time racing information.  It has 10 Self-service Terminals for customer use and 2 Operator Terminals.  The Racewall technology makes the daily operation easily handled by a single operator, except on busy days in the weekend, thus minimizing staff costs.

Income Growth
Riverton TAB has registered steady growth of commissions, for both online and shop sales, over the last few years.  The number of online account sign-ups and its commission stream has also shown the same steady growth.  The establishment of betting terminals in the Riverton Sports Bar next door has added another income stream to the Agency since 2019.

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*Based on gross commission minus GST for twelve months prior to listing date. Agency operational costs / casual wages not included.