• Deciding to go into a TAB agency as a small business owner has been one of the best, life changing experiences we could have had.  It materializes the dream of owning your own business.  Changing careers after 35 years in an industry so far removed from racing and wagering, rekindled the desire to offer high quality customer service as well as financially rewarding us for our effort.

    A TAB agency is a relatively low risk business proposition since it is backed by RWWA, has less overheads, such as rent, stock and furnishings; and has most of the accounting automated for you.  It offers wonderful working flexibility, allowing agents to choose their days and hours of work. 

    The work is not hard, the customers are friendly and the excitement generated from the racing and sports is motivating.

    George and Rob Glengarry TAB
  • We had been looking at several small businesses, when we came across the right TAB agency for us.

    The biggest fear of a small business is cash flow and outstanding debt. With a TAB agency these two crippling factors are alleviated, as you only deal in cash and you are paid weekly from your takings.

    After an intensive training program, even for non-punters like us, you become familiar with the vast options available for TAB customers.

    Our partnership arrangement offers working flexibility, allowing us to choose days and hours of work which is very conducive to our lifestyle and family commitments.

    We enjoy the great support from RWWA staff and our business partners.

    Philippa and Daniel Palmyra TAB